Laser Processing Robot

Laser Processing Robot RJ07A belongs to the general industrial 5-Axis robot of rectangular coordinates. Its Maximum payload is 7kg and repetitive positioning accuracy is ±0.05mm. It can be applied in laser welding, cutting, perforating, surface hardening and cladding. It adopts the AC servo drive technology, integrated sealed rail of high accuracy and rigidity, and miniature RV speed reducer. It possesses good low-speed stability, high-speed dynamic response and trajectory control of high accuracy.  It has the maintenance-free function.

Laser Processing Robot RJ07A adopts high performance robot controller SIASUN-GRC-CAN and the number of control axes in Robot controller can extend to twelve. It uses the teaching box of Chinese character programming in large screen and based on friendly man-machine interface for soft key menu operations, which provides RJ07A with characteristics of simple programming and convenient operations. High performance Robot Controller SIASUN-GRC-CAN possesses rich networking functions, such as serial port and CAN interface of field bus, thus, it can monitor and manage the robot production line.

SIASUN-GRC-CAN can provide the off-line programming modules for host computer to upload and download computer programs and run robot programs in emulation mode.
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SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd
No.16 Jinhui Street,Hunnan New District,Shenyang110168,P.R.China[110168]
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