RH6 arc welding robot

Date: 29 Oct 2009

The Arc Welding Robot RH6 developed by SIASUN, belongs to the general industrial six-axis articulated robot. Its maximum payload is 6kg and its repetitive positioning accuracy is ±0.08mm. RH6 is mainly used in accessories welding and assembling in industries like automobiles, motorcycles and household appliances etc., and can also be used in operations like plasma and laser cutting etc. It adopts the typical mechanism design of parallel link rods. Its deadweight is 140 kilograms, and can easily be installed by suspended and wall mounting to finish welding of large work parts.RH6-A utilizes miniature RV speed reducer of high accuracy and rigidity, and new harmonic reducer type of high accuracy in its transmission, it has characteristics of large workspace, high motion speed, stability, flexibility and low noise. With the compact design, reasonable layout and pleasant appearance, RH6-A fully reflects international modern design ideas on robots and has reached the international advanced level.

Robot RH6-A adopts the AC servo drive technology, and it has good low-speed stability and high-speed dynamic response to realize the maintenance-free functions. Its programs use teaching and playback to realize point-to-point and continuous trajectory controls. The Robot controller can control up to 12 axes with rich instruction system. For convenient operations, it has the joint coordinate, user coordinate and tool coordinate to provide a simple and good man-machine interface with compact and practical welding instructions. Robot RH6-A will definitely bring excellent product qualities and ultra high production efficiencies to your company.

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