Spot Welding Robot RD120

The RD120 Robot independently developed By SIASUN has 6 degrees of freedom. Its Maximum payload is 120kg, horizontal working radius is 2.6m, and the repetitive positioning accuracy is ±0. 4mm. It belongs to the general high payload industrial robot with vertical multi-joints, which is used in operations like spot welding, Handling, palletizing, etc.

RD120 Robot system is mainly composed of robot manipulator and robot controller. It adopts the AC servo drive technology with reasonable structure, safe and reliable running, and maintenance-free design. Controller adopts teaching programming method to realize point-to-point and continuous trajectory controls, and enables four teaching motion modes of the joint coordinate, rectangular coordinate, tool coordinate and user coordinate. RD120 Robot is provided with functions for the joint motion, linear motion, arc motion and rich special instructions for spot welding, and it also possesses a good user interface and external communication port.

In addition, it has features of reasonable optimized structure, high reliability, advanced performance and strong practicability. It can weld 40 to 50 points/m in spot welding, and this has reached the international level. RD120-A Robot can be widely applied into fields of automobile and its parts manufactured fields. It has features of high speed and high payload. As a representative industrial robot model, it will have a broad market and industrialization prospect.
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