Grinding and Polishing Robot

Date: 29 Oct 2009
Grinding and Polishing Robot RP10A belongs to the general industrial 5 Axis robot of rectangular coordinates. Its Maximum payload is 10kg and repetitive positioning accuracy is ±0.05mm. It has features of adaptations to various processing parts, on-line measurement and intelligent processing. Besides, it can monitor the load force and torque of robot wrist, in order to protect work parts and improve polishing qualities. It can be applied in processing and repairing work of cockpit transparent parts, molds and blades. It adopts high performance Robot Controller SIASUN-GRC-CAN, to provide intelligent processing software packages and enable quick switching between flexible laser on-line detection system and intellectual processing system.
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SIASUN Robot & Automation Co., Ltd
No.16 Jinhui Street,Hunnan New District,Shenyang110168,P.R.China[110168]
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